Cannabis United is a media network of digital tools, properties and publications dedicated to informing and educating today's voting citizen and cannabis consumer. It’s time for an intelligent conversation based on science and reality.  A story not just told to the people but by the people.


Cannabis is emerging from the shadows in the dawn of the digital age. Let's take full advantage of this connectivity to enlighten those curious, feed the passion of the engaged and help those interested pursue as a profession.

Our sites, apps and publications help people learn about cannabis, find cannabis products and services, share their cannabis lifestyle, fine tune their medication and maximize their enjoyment. In the movement to legitimize and regulate, participation is encouraged.


We aim to protect our fellow citizens and help deliver better solutions for justice and healing. We work to increase cannabis knowledge and understanding through collaboration and diverse perspectives.

Privacy is our priority. We want people to feel safe and comfortable learning from our properties, so our digital offerings are anonymous, encrypted, require no sign-up or membership and no personal behavioral data is collected.


The cannabis industry's inclusion is key to elevate the conversation, demonstrate the legitimacy of the profession and serve as pioneer examples for states considering regulation. Industry participation in Cannabis United activities is actively encouraged and many options are available for individuals and companies to play a role, gain exposure, contribute subject matter expertise, raise consumer awareness and promote their business.

Cannabis United offers the industry free company listings and product profiles. We also offer unlimited press release submissions, article amplification and event features. Gain sponsorship exposure through our private ad network, expanding your brand visibility with your exact target audience.


We are actively cultivating contributors to reflect a spectrum of perspectives. Share your expertise and gain a new audience for your message.

A democratic organization, contributors and professionals can vote on key issues, learn trends, steer campaigns and collaborate on initiatives.


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