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We are bringing cannabis out of the shadows and into the spotlight. A shifting political landscape, an awakening to our medical needs, meets democracy and a free press in the digital era.

Today’s connectivity helps us share discoveries, cultivate insight and assist selection. Our media network of digital services makes this goal a reality.


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Your perspective, your opinion and your story should be shared. From the vantage point of cop, doctor, user or child of abuser, we all need to hear it. To change minds, experiences need to be shared.

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Trying To Change The World

Cannabis legitimacy and personal freedom is at an exciting yet critical juncture. After 90 years of myths and misinformation, the tide is turning as the benefits offered by cannabis are finally making their way into the national conversation. While most U.S. states have voted to make cannabis legal either medically or recreationally, the reality is that only a handful of counties in those states actually allow sales without pre-authorization or the threat of prosecution.

A discussion needs to take place in this country. An awakening to the facts, exposure to suffering and a reminder of the dream of democracy where we direct our government. To change hearts, minds and votes we need to share stories and take full advantage of today’s connected world.

“In addition to its health and creative benefits, cannabis offers economic stimulation and provides a safer alternative to addictive pharmaceuticals. But we are up against a century of myths, bigotry and false assumptions.”
– Jennifer Gyllenskog, Director of Cannabis United

Leadership – Our Director

Jennifer Gyllenskog

Jen is fascinated by the web and its power to connect people. She has dedicated over twenty years to studying the ways humans interact with computers and information. In her career as a digital strategist she honed her skills improving user experience and encouraging online action. An activist and media futurist, Jen wanted her expertise and insight to benefit not just her Fortune 100 corporate clients but the ideals and social causes she believes in.

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With millions of our fellow citizens languishing in prison, we work to educate, share perspectives, introduce diverse opinions and reveal the truth about this contentious yet compassionate plant.


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