Into The Light

We help bring cannabis out of the shadows and into the light.  Cannabis United is dedicated to informing consumers and curious citizens while supporting the industry.

Digital Resources

Cannabis United is a digital media network of tools, resources and publications. Committed to industry and citizen inclusion, our network of sites, apps and digital properties aspires to be the future of social journalism where stories are not just told to the people but by the people.

We have dozens of exciting projects in development. Our properties in production getting ready to launch include: The Cannabis Post (news, legal updates), High Ambitions (culture and lifestyle), Cannabis Craft (industry news, seed to sale), Chronic Products (browse cannabis-related products), Cannabis Chooser (wizard), States Going Green (legal status via map view), Find Your Rep (local activism) and many more.


Jennifer Gyllenskog is an activist and digital strategist with a 22 year career riding the edge of innovation and mastering the disciplines of branding, advertising, marketing, messaging, positioning, content development, interaction design and user experience.  She believes laws should be informed, determined by the will of the people, and driven by compassion over incarceration. “The failed war on drugs focused on supply, let’s instead regulate use and focus on demand.”

Join The Digital Revolution

We invite you to join the movement and support our efforts. Use and suggest our resources, maybe even share with your social circle. More ways to participate are on the way.