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Ensure the future of cannabis, elevate the national conversation

Dedicated To Industry Support

The goal and vision of Cannabis United is to educate and elevate demand while empowering and legitimizing supply. Our suite of free and accessible digital tools advances cannabis understanding, better informing the public, while connecting the industry with their exact target audience. Keep reading to learn all the ways your business can benefit and participate.

Lean On Cannabis 101

Utilize to help your internal and customer education. We’ve also made a version without political encouragement available at Add to your website navigation as a resource or display in your store on a tablet. It also works as an argument in your pocket. Gain visibility on Cannabis 101 via sponsorship.

Your Business Profile

Complete your profile to gain a free or upgraded listing on our network. Consumer-focused businesses will appear on, while B2B businesses will appear on You may select a Free Listing or a Managed Listing to display your videos, events, deals, photo gallery, tagline or integrate digital services like menus or delivery.

Projects On The Horizon

We have dozens of exciting projects in development. Our properties in production getting ready to launch include: The Cannabis Post (news, legal updates, economic trends), High Ambitions (culture and lifestyle), Cannabis Craft (industry news, seed to sale), Chronic Products (browse cannabis-related products), Cannabis Chooser (wizard), States Going Green (legal status via map view), Find Your Rep (local activism) with many more on the way.

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Product Submission

Submit your product details to appear on Chronic Products. Your product listing, from edibles to grow lights, is free but increased visibility can be arranged. Contact us if you would like to send product samples to our review board. Once reviewed, we will consider your product for other opportunities to gain exposure throughout our network.

Contribute Your Ideas

We are here to be your soapbox. To help coordinate and compose the chorus of voices, opinions and good ideas that are out there. Are you excited about utilizing digital to take our revolution to the next step? Great! Get started by letting us know about your expertise or what you’re interested in.